To get an IKON discount for the Full, Base, or 4-Day Passes, please fill out this form and upload a screenshot of both your class schedule with credits and proof of One Love membership.

We will email you back with a code you can apply at checkout on the IKON pass website.

To get the student discount on either Brighton Pass, you must be a student at the U of U, a member of the One Love Club, and be taking a minimum of 8 academic credit hours. You will need to provide a class schedule and a paid tuition receipt before your pass will be printed at the Brighton pass office.

Grab an Alta Pass for this season and shred some of the best snow in the Wasatch!

Apply our username and password on the Alta pass website accessible through this portal.

Username: onelove

Password: 23HighSunspot!24

Take advantage of this great opportunity at Woodward Park City! We will need your name, email, and proof of membership.

The All-Access Team Membership provides a 20% discount on the full price of a regular All-Access Membership.

Use our portal for some of the best discounted passes you can get in the Rockies, West, and Midwest including:

Epic, Epic Local, Epic Day Pass, Tahoe Local, Tahoe Value, Keystone Plus, Summit Value, Northeast Value, Northeast Midwek, Kirkwood, Park City Youth, Wilmod, Afton Alps, Mt. Brighton, Ohio, Paoli Peaks, Snow Creek, Hidden Valley, Stevens Pass, Stevens Pass Select