Wax Night at the Heritage Center

We will provide all wax, irons, tables and supplies you could possibly need as well as some friendly advice on how to make your skis and boards ready for the season!! Thursday November 13th 6pm to 9pm Room 1AB Tell your friends! Hope to see you there.


Cotopaxi! 2

Another awesome company working with us this year is Cotopaxi! They are a start up company making some awesome backpacks. As a member they are giving you 15% off! Check out their stuff at www.cotopaxi.com and email us for a discount code!  

Shout out to Panda Poles!

Big ups to one of our new Sponsors Panda Poles! The dudes over at Panda Poles are giving members 30%, check the benefits page for info! Check it out at www.pandapoles.com



Welcome Kitten Factory Skis and Snowboards!

Hey everyone! Be sure to check out our newest sponsor Kitten Factory Skis and Snowboards . They specialize in making progressive full carbon fiber skis and snowboards, as well as different fiberglass/carbon blends. They have been making skis collectively for about 10 years, and all of the companies owners are graduates from the University of […]

One Love is Now Tabling!

Be sure to swing by the Union between 10-2 Monday-Thursday to learn all about One Love and the great benefits of it. New t-shirts will be in TOMORROW, but until then come by and sign up! Membership is now ONLY $10, sign up today!